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Favourite Anime/Manga CouplesAtsushi/Risa

Everytime Otani says or does something, I end up going to heaven, or hell.


I want to join MEK, the Anime Club here at my school (UNT). It seems pretty cool they have a anime/manga collection that members can view and checkout things. Plus they attend events like Anime Fest. Sounds convenient for a broke college student trying to get his anime fix..

You totally should!

Aside from the weekly meetings we also plan neat outside events. Sports day, picnics, Cosmic Jump, roller skating, and a ton of other cool stuff.

And of course we attend many of the anime conventions in the area and set up group discounts for members!

We also have our big MEK National gathering at A-Kon this year too! You can meet MEK members from all over the U.S.

Meetings this semester are Thursdays 6pm-10pm in Sage Hall room 116!

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